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Welcome to Our Farm

We’re a small farm in Upstate NY using regenerative agriculture to provide healthy, delicious, and land-healing food to our community.


Why The Pasture Stand?


Taking a stand for pasture-based food is taking a stand for the environment, your community, and your health.



Pasture-raised meat and eggs have been shown to be significantly higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins. Our animals never receive antibiotics or hormones and they live on chemical-free pastures so there’s never harmful residues in your food.



Our customers frequently tell us that our pasture-raised foods have richer, more intense flavors. The fats are bright, clean, and edible and the meat is juicer and more tender. Every item is sold fresh direct from the farm right to your table. Even place orders online.

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Pasture-based agriculture isn’t just “sustainable,” it’s regenerative. We model our farming methods after natural ecosystems which build soil, restore water aquifers, sequester atmospheric carbon, and promote the local ecology.


Respects Animals

Our animals live outside in open, portable infrastructure where low stocking rates decrease the probability for disease to near-zero. We frequently rotate the animals to new, well-rested pastures where they graze grasses and hunt for insects.


We don’t use cannibalistic or manure-based feed ingredients. Our meat poultry’s supplemental feed ration is locally-sourced and certified organic. We also don’t use arsenic (an appetite-enhancer), pesticides, fertilizers, or harmful processing chemicals.


Pasture-based farming improves land value, doesn’t smell, and promotes wildlife. This lends itself to farm tours, workshops, and more. And since we are our own producers, processors, packagers, and marketers - we hope to create rural jobs to help get all this work done.



We work hard to provide well-designed, informative emails regarding new product releases, farm news, and recipes. Check out some examples below and sign-up to learn more…

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What We Offer

We currently grow, process, & package pasture-raised chickens, eggs, and turkeys. All products can be purchased right here on the website using any major credit card.

One-time purchases or CSA subscriptions are available on our Order page.